Important Points to Consider to Choose the Best Law College

Life of law college is little bit distinct from rest of the colleges. In law college a student involves lectures, hours of reading judgments in the library and innumerable activities which are organized by various societies in the college. During, winter and summer breaks, a majority of law students intern to get hands-on industry experience.

Best Law College

Below mention some absolute must have seek out by law students to choose the best law college:

1. Moot Court and Parliamentary Debate: Moot Court is one of the most exciting thing that any law student want to look in a law college. Mooting teaches a law student how to be prepared for any challenge in life. Law students start it’s preparation by reading cases, knowing relevant and irrelevant facts, brainstorming, research, preparation of arguments and look for solutions in an articulate manner. Parliamentary debating gives wings to an advocate, not just imagination but the power of logical argumentation. Parliamentary debating is about integrating oratory skills with intellect, the thrill and creating logical arguments, simultaneously.

2. Drafting and Research Paper Publications: Law students would like to get accustomed to intense research work and drafting which is a great skill to them. Any legal profession array from litigation to judiciary involves drafting and researching.While law students are researching on a particular legal area, they are bound to accumulate knowledge. Writing research papers is the success key to strops research and writing skills. It is demonstrative of law student potential to read, analyze and interpret various laws. As become future advocate, writing research papers mean students are perfecting an art that require for the rest of their life.

3. Internships and Placement: Internships in legal field are where knowledge meets practice for law students. The scope of law is unfathomable where a law student has a lot of options to choose like as litigation to NGOs, media, real estate, sports, corporate law and law experts are needed everywhere. But a biggest challenge for law professionals that how would one recognize which is the field tailor-made for an individual and full of everyday challenges. Everyone needs to find adequate solutions of problems to upholding the integrity of the law. Practice with learning that really internships provide. A lot of law students dream of getting a job in the MNC and in top most law firm.

4. Library: A Library is the ‘heart’ of Law institutions and plays a vital role in all activities. The library should be planned to fulfill the objectives of the Law School, and is being operated by qualified library staff. It should be a collection of wide range of general and comprising of text books, back volumes of journals, reference books and reports etc., apart from current legal periodicals. To assist the students in different areas of research, general reference, current awareness and computerized catalogues must be introduced.

Therefore, every law college must be focus on above mention points to get best rank in Top Law Colleges. Above mentioned things are also considered by the IIMT. Therefore IIMT college of law is also one of the best law college in Delhi/NCR.

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