Go-Green Initiative taken by IIMT Group of Institutions, Greater Noida

‘When the last tree dies, the last man dies.’ This saying is one of the commonest in our society, but its meaning is rarely put into consideration.

IIMT Group of Institution, Greater Noida initiated a big step towards the contribution  to our society, By Celebrating a Day as “Vraksha Ropad Day”time to time.

Trees can be termed one of the life dependents of man, and without trees it is doubtful that man will be able to survive even for a second on the environment. Apart from our technical education we are involving students in such social activities.


Trees do not only provide food for man, but as well serve as medicine to treat all kinds of diseases. Trees have gone a long way in helping to save the existing problems of climate change in the world.

IIMT Group of Institutions, have been organized time to time TREE PLANTATION, at various locations, where we have planted thousands of plants.

They serve many purposes in the life of man, but yet still, men don’t think twice when reducing the life span of these trees.

Anyone can ask, how we can support our echo system? And simple answer for the same is, by planting more and more trees time to time, place to place. MCA Department is also inculcating basic knowledge between technicians about what is real scenario of plant cutting, where some of trees are cut down for important purposes, others are cut down just for cutting sake, or the reason behind it being very flimsy.

Everyday a tree is cut down in many part of the world, as a fact research indicates that forest area is decreasing gradually, from 7+ thousands hectares in 1990, to 6+ thousands hectares in 2000, and 5+ thousands hectares in 2005. Every day, people with and without legal authority cut down trees from the forest zones for export. And it is not only the duty of IIMTians and we should understand.


Lastly, IIMT Group of Colleges is only the place, where we focus on various aspect of development, not only the technical skill, but we also inculcate social values and responsibilities. IIMT also want to nurture the students in such a professional way, where they can think for India, their roles and responsibilities towards the growth of nation in professional manner as well as in social manner.

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