Virtual Campus tour “IIMT Group of College”

NIRF Ranking 2020 Engineering College

There a new way to move your college process forward amidst college closings and the push for more social distancing. As you look for things to do during lockdown and for ways to fill your days until life returns to normal mode, consider our step-by-step suggestions for a virtual college visit that how closely to the real thing.

10:00 AM. Signing in, and our tour has start first we enter in the main building which is full with the college achievements and events its shoes that the college how active in the other activities also helps to the personality development.

10:30 AM. Traditionally, after that we go to placement cell where we see the placed student’s board and well graced companies.

Then take off those rose-colored goggles for 30 minutes of exploring broader campus views. Check out videos from college website, and click through tags on Twitter to see what kids are posting about the college, rather than what the college posts about itself.

11:30 AM. Ah, those final moments when we ask some extra questions with the help of live chat (and to which you are secretly glad to hear the answers). After that we reach at college canteen where the students spend most of his golden time. The tour shows us to that how canteen maintains the hygiene. Now we move toward the mesh of the college where the students doing his breakfast lunch and dinner, Mesh also maintain the hygiene and goods they are using in also good quality.

11:45 AM. your virtual visit, It also provide  a few minutes to review on-campus dining options, and look at college Maps to discover what is within walking distance of campus. Then have lunch together as a family and debrief everything you learned.

12:45 PM. Take some final notes about the experience and add them to a folder (either on your computer or a paper version) in which you gather all of your college visit information. When restrictions are eased in the future (hopefully not too long from now!), revisit your notes to determine how IIMT group of college best college engineering in NCR take priority in terms of actually stepping in campus as you finalize your college.


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