Technical Skills required for Campus Selection

The students’ main aim is to get a good decent job in a reputed organization.
There are some topics for B. Tech CS/ IT which the students should study and
gain knowledge to get a best placement In Delhi NCR.
1. Data Structure
2. Algorithm
3. Programming- Companies need coders.
4. Data Base
5. Cloud Computing
6. IOT
7. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
If you master any of the above mentioned skills you will get a job in a good
company. Data Structure, Operating Systems help a lot in programming.
Further a student should gain knowledge of at least two computer languages
like Java, C, C++ or python. These languages will help the students in
becoming a backend developer.


​A student of CS/IT should love coding then only he can be successful
developer. There are few websites like CodeChef, Hackerrank etc. which help
the students to practice coding. From these websites the students can gain
knowledge of Algorithms also.
Also the students should do some good projects under the guidance of their
faculties or mentors or even during summer internship do projects under
guidance of some companies. This will help you in your pre placement offer
also. Further you should gain knowledge about the research areas of your
The students should never miss on learning the soft skills like Communication
skills, personal skills, and professional networking skills. These skills play a
vital role in career progression. It has been observed that many companies
prefer candidates with good interpersonal skills and even compromise a little
on the technical skills of the candidate as they observe that the candidate has
the skills which are very much needed when he or she is working in groups.
If the students are interested in front end development then they should learn,
HTML, Java Script, etc. There are other courses also like Artificial Intelligence,
Machine Learning. To learn now there are many online portals like nptel,
udemy, Coursera etc. even the students can do free certification course from
InfyTQ a portal launched by Infosys. The biggest advantage of this is that

there are different certification courses for nearly all branches of B. Tech. also
the students who score good marks in these certification courses are directly
hired by Infosys and these students also become eligible to apply in Infosys
for higher package profiles.
The students should take part in workshops and get certificates of
participation. These will help in building a strong resume. This will help and
also help in placements. The students should participate in all technical fests
that are organized in the college and also try to become a coordinator of any
event. This will develop the leadership & communication skills in the students
which are very much required when you start working in any company.
The Computer Science/ Information Technology or MCA students should
learn at least one programming language like python, java or C. The students
should also specialize in any field of their choice like android development,
software testing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc.


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