Engineering in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning an application of Artificial Intelligence gives devices the ability to learn from their experiences and improve themselves without doing any coding. The term coined by Arthur Samuel in 1959 gave the definition as: “ Field of study that gives the computer the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed,”
Yes, the era has changed and is evolving and developing about these new technologies and is focussing an individual to learn the same and develop in the field of the new future.
IIMT COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING has equipped and developed its students and faculties in this new age learning methodologies also by introducing B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence. Machine learning aims to make machines more humane in terms of their behavior and decisions, enabling them to learn and develop their own programs. This is done with minimal human intervention, that is, without explicit programming. The learning process is automated and improved based on the experience of the machines throughout the process. Good quality data is transmitted to the machines, and various algorithms are used to create ML models for training machines on this data. The choice of algorithm depends on the type of data available and the type of activity that will be automated. Today, the whole focus of machine learning is. Machine learning can automate many tasks, especially those that can only be accomplished with your inner intelligence. This intelligence can only be reproduced on machines with the help of machine learning.

With machine learning, companies can automate routine tasks. It also helps to automate and quickly create models for data analysis. Many industries use large amounts of data to optimize their operations and make smart decisions. Machine learning helps create models that can process and analyze large volumes of complex data to produce accurate results. These models are precise and scalable and work with shorter response times. By creating accurate machine learning models, companies can take advantage of opportunities and avoid unknown risks.
The future is beneath us and we need to adapt ourselves in the development of these new technologies and blend in this transforming era. B.Tech AI & Machine Learning for more click hare


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