Best BBA College in Delhi NCR | Admission 2020

After completing 12 th students are found in dilemma to choose a course
for graduation. The best thing that the student has to analyze his or her
interest. The field in which student wants to make career should match
with the area of interest..
Management aspirants when they have to make a choice between Bachelor
of Business Administration (BBA) and Bachelors of Commerce (B.Com)

seems very confused. The final decision of choosing a traditional B.Com
course over the professional BBA course or the vice-versa lies with the
aspirant. Both the courses carry their distinct pros and cons and it is
important that an aspirant should take this decision in the wake of his/her
career aspirations. Candidates who scored high percentage in 12 th class is
also confused in selecting the course. There is strong brainstorming between
B.Com and BBA Course. B.Com is a traditional course whereas BBB is a
Professional course.

BBA vs B.Com.
It is seen that when an aspirant passes class 12 th  Board examination and is
inclined to pursue a course in the domain of management or accounting,
they are often caught in the dilemma of choosing BBA vs. B.Com.
Candidates that score above 90% marks are also confused if they should
choose a traditional B.Com course or go with professional degree at the
undergraduate level i.e. BBA course.

What is Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA)?
BBA is a professional course. The popularity of Business Education is
increasing as as the market is becoming global. To beat the market the
education industry is developing the courses to match the demand of the
market . Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) gives exposure to
different facets of management. An aspirant gets to read about subjects
such as Finance, Marketing, Human Resource, International Business
Management, Business environment, Business Communication, Strategic
Management, Entrepreneurship and other managerial subjects. In addition
to this, college provides industry interactions, internship programs, talk
shows from industry,different activities based on managerial learningl to
ensure holistic development of the candidate.
What is Bachelors of Commerce (B.Com)?
Bachelor of Commerce is one of the oldest of traditional courses in the
Education Industry and it is still in demand and need of the time. Being a
core academic course the students become proficient in subjects such as
accounts, statistics, economics, business studies etc. Seeing the current
trend, in B.Com course IIMT has started to arrange internships and industry
interface programs. However, not all the colleges organize such events for
the B.Com aspirants.
Academic Progression
After completing B.Com, the student can choose M.Com and MBA both.
M.Com is purely academic course and can lead to Ph.D. and a strong career
can be made in teaching.
B.Com, M.Com, Ph.D. and Academic Field/Research For a student pursuing professional course, BBA, a natural progressions
tends to be BBA, MBA, Industry/Corporate Job and Ph.D also
Decide on the basis of Outcome
Whenever you are between BBA and B.Com, the right criteria is to decide on
the basis of outcome. Draw a map of future progression, and what you plan
to pursue. The career progression plan should include the first 3 years of UG
level education, next 2 years of PG level education and post that 2-3 year
plan of the industry/sector that you aim to join.


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