Get Indusdtry Ready After B.Com at Best Management College

Millions of graduates are being produced in India year after year, but still there is always a shortage of skilled and employable workforce. According to available data, only a few graduates who pass annually are directly employable and a large number of unemployed graduates continue to grow each year. Not getting jobs in this large part of the population is actually a serious problem as it has a direct impact on the Indian economy and on social status. Now the question arises why these young Indian graduates do not have jobs. The simple answer to this question which I found is that most of the institutes are just following the syllabus prescribed by the university, academics are busy in imparting theoretical subject matter and most of the students are rote learning just to pass the Exam.

As most industry experts feel that Indian graduates lack the proficiency, skills and aptitude to meet today’s challenges. This is the result of a mismatch between the industry requirement and quality of students who graduate each year. Developing an industry-ready workforce with specific industry requirements is a major challenge for Indian institutions.

After completing Bachelor in Commerce students are expected to join finance and account department, every company requires skilled person in these department to manage the finance and to keep track the profit and loss of their company. course provides the basic knowledge in areas like Accountancy, Cost Accounting and Management Accounting and understanding of Economics, Business Law, Taxation, Insurance and Management, But to be employed it is not enough besides having this basic knowledge one should have practical training and experiential exposure. A career in commerce and finance offers immense growth and the demand for highly professionals is always on a high.

With industry requirements being specific, it is important to nurture skills that will help students fit into the job roles that are on offer. To cope up with the demand of industry ready workforce the institutions need to move beyond classroom teaching and teaching tools such as debates, role-playing, group presentations, discussion groups, reviewing case studies also need to be integrated with the university curriculum improve the quality and skills of students. The students should be trained in such a way that in real practical life they can survive and excel by using the life skills.

By bringing the real world problem and conditions into learning spaces, institutions can make students get a feel, when they will actually join the workforce and at a point students will be able to deal with real life cases and problems.

The opportunities within finance and commerce in industry are enormous. By perusing from the top colleges in greater noida like IIMT College of Management the students can get polished as a professional to have a great career ahead.


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