Importance of having a Personality Development plan

To have discussion on “ The importance of personality development “ first of all we have to understand that what is “Personality “ and what is the meaning of “Personality development Plan”.

Our personality is the total sum of our belief system, thought process, feelings and behaviour pattern. Most accepted theory to define personality is Big five personality traits, also known as   OCEAN  Model. It is based on grouping of personality traits. This  theory is based on five type of personality or we can say  that this theory identifies five factors of personality.

  1. Openness to experience : This type of person enjoys doing new things , have creative ideas. They are usually imaginative in nature rather than practical.
  2. Conscientiousness: These type of individuals are disciplined and careful. they desire to do task well.
  3. Extraversion: This type of person enjoys party . Person is social and outgoing.
  4. Agreeableness: Person is usually tactful, warm and friendly.
  5. Neuroticism: These types of individuals are moody. They experience fear, anger, worry , frustration anger , loneliness more than average person. They are gloomy in nature.

Upbringing, family life and education affects these traits.

Personality development plan is the process of creating a detailed action plan in the context of career, relationship, business and education.

PDP is also called an IDP means Individual personality plan.

It is more useful in workplace or as a part of study.

The importance of having a personality development plan is in helping  to establish the aim of person who is attending this program, it also helps in finding the strength and weaknesses of attendee. This program is useful in finding the grey area of personality, where improvement is must to succeed in life.

Importance:  There are so many benefits of having Personality Development Plan. It is useful in career change, its helps in finding the requirement of skills that are needed to change in career, It also helps attendee to become enthusiastic and dedicated.


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