Definition of Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning is the automatic improvement of algorithms through experience. It is seen as a subset of AL Machine Learning allows the systems to make decisions autonomously without any external support. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is one modern innovation that has helped man enhance not only many industrial and professional processes but advances everyday living also.

Types  of  Machine Learning

  • Supervised Learning
  • Unsupervised Learning
  • Reinforcement Learning

 We will discuss real-life examples of how machine learning is helping in creating better technology to power today’s ideas.

Image Recognition

Recognition image  is frequently done through machine learning and artificial intelligence. You can classify the object as a digital image in many situations.

Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition is the translation of spoken words into the text. Here computer recognizes  speech automatically.

 Medical diagnosis

Machine learning can be used in the techniques and tools that can help in the diagnosis of diseases. Machine learning is used to analyze clinical parameters and arrive at a prognosis.

Statistical Arbitrage

In finance, arbitrage refers to the automated trading strategies that are of a short-term and involve a large number of securities


A classification is a division of a process into many parts for the purpose of study. Classification aids us in measuring the different parts of an object under study. It also helps us to categorise all the various parts.


Machine learning can also be used in the prediction outcomes. For example, to predict likelyhood of the occurring of a fault, we will need to analyze a set of data to analyze all probabilities.


Extraction of information is one of the best application of machine learning. It is the process of extracting structured information from the unstructured data.Therefore, from the above in a nutshell, we can arrive at a conclusion that machine learning is one most path- bearing innovations in the area of artificial intelligence. Through, machine learning has some implications which may be harmful to mankind, most of the applications of this technology can bring about an improvement in our daily lives.


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