Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the field of science which deals with computer, electronics, mechanical, electrical and more field to make computer machine which act like human being or superior to human being some field.


  • Study found that the use of Artificial intelligence means a 15% boost for the gross value added (GVA) for the Indian economy by 2035.
  • Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence would expand access and affordability of best quality of healthcare.
  • Artificial intelligence can contribute towards enhancing farmers’ income, increase farm productivity and crops yield and minimize the desolation.
  • It can also enhance the teaching and learning of education and AI can plays a major to providing solution for quality education and access to remote area.
  • It can enrich and build best infrastructure for the increasing cities population.
  • Artificial intelligence can build efficient and safer transportation to solve traffic and congestion problems.
  • Artificial intelligence would create employment in the country that would be greater than the number of jobs loss due to transformation in AI technology.
  • It can greatly reduce the corruption in every level of governance and it’s also helped and enhances governance across the government.
  • Artificial intelligence would Helps to develop better business model and make better place for ease of doing business.
  • Artificial intelligence can make lives of people comfortable.
  • Made in India’ programme can be strengthened and help India in becoming a major manufacturing hub with AI-assisted technology.
  • Artificial intelligence can stop brain drain of India. Indian technocrats can developed hub of AI that can help in Indian economy
  • With growing digitalization the demand of Data science, machine learning and AI in India would increase by 65 %
  • Artificial intelligence can be used in dangerous tasks like handling hazardous radioactive materials with help of robot or machine.
  • Artificial intelligence can be used in software application to screen and analysis financial data.
  • Artificial intelligence can be use to predict weather condition and stop major disaster by early warning.
  • It can develop remote surgery facility of major treatment which can be done in rural area of any country.
  • Artificial Intelligence Engineering based robotics and machine can do monotonous work where human can get tired easily and non efficient
  • It can be used in space mission and analyze space condition its own and send report to land.


  • Used of artificial intelligence process and system is initially very high because of research and development.
  • Artificial intelligence is required high skills persons which are lacking in India, may be non available at some part of the world at present time but with good propagation of AI education that can overcome.
  • Artificial intelligence is vulnerable to cyber Security and hacking.
  • Artificial intelligence would increase the unemployment across the production and customer based services sector in the short term.
  • If Artificial intelligence got in wrong hand like terror groups, destruction of human being will be very high and magnify.
  • Human can lose some capability, change in emotion, behavior and also become weak by the use of Artificial intelligence for long duration per day.

2 thoughts on “Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

  1. Very valuable article on -Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence. IIMT also having B Tech in Artificial Intelligence.


  2. Very interesting topic and very relevant in the current scenario! Appreciate that AI is a very sophisticated technology and the possibility of misuse very always there!!


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