What should I study for BJMC entrance exam?

Great psychologist William James said, ‘The very fact that you have a dream or a desire means that you have the corresponding capacity to realize it.’

It means if anyone wants to become a journalist, he must face the journalism entrance test. The entrance test is not the hurdle of your dream. This is the first step to enter in the journalism world and to pursue a charming dream. One thing must remember, if you have a single-minded devotion you never fail in life and there is no task very tough. To see a dream is very easy, but this can be implemented by a well-planned routine, systematic approach, and hardworking. Therefore, to enter the journalism field, the student has to pass BJMC entrance exam organized by different colleges, institutions, and universities at their own level. For preparing the BJMC entrance exam, students must remember 4Ps and 1W. i.e. Plan, Prepare, Practice, Perform, and Win.  

The main purpose of BJMC entrance the exam is to find out those students, who have enthusiasm, approach, dedication and skills to pursue the course.  If any student wants to enroll in any journalism-related course in, top management college in Delhi NCR or Journalism College in Delhi NCR, he must go through the following subjects-

1.    General Awareness: General awareness is an important subject for a journalism student. It includes current affairs, Indian History, Indian Political System, Subjects of public debate, International World Affairs, Media and Entertainment Industry. In this section, basic questions are asked such as who is the home minister of India? Who is Raja Ram Mohan Ray? What you think about Article-370? Which is the famous program presented by Rajat Sharma? Who is Kapil Sharma? Students must develop the ability to think and argue on social-political issues. For this section, students must read at least two newspapers (one in English and second in Hindi) regularly for the last six months. Listen to AIR news bulletin. Watch TV News bulletin and particularly prime time show of different channels. Must see the famous Advertisement and remember the name of their presenters. BJMC colleges in Delhi NCR Develop speaking power and presentation is also help to become a good journalist.

2.     Analytical Approach:  This section examines the aptitude skill of a student. So, students must be thin logically about anything. In this section, there is a statement, and students elaborate on correct interference about that statement. There are some reasoning questions also. For this student, must emphasize the critical approach and think logically on several subjects.

3.     Language: Students have to prepare for good proficiency in either English or Hindi if he wants to cross the hurdle BJMC entrance exam to pursue the degree from any top management college in Delhi NCR. To command in the grammar section, vocabulary and verbal ability, make sentences, sentence arrangement, idioms and phrases, antonyms & synonyms are important. Students must knowledge of basic grammar to perform well in BJMC entrance examinations.

4.      Aptitude: In Journalism Colleges in Delhi NCR, examination papers of BJMC entrance exam, an aptitude test is compulsory. The main theme to know the student’s ability to do something. How to speak, how to think, how to write, how he behaves may be judged by renowned personalities or senior faculties of journalism. For this section, students must develop his behavior as a journalistic and professional approach to clear the BJMC entrance exam and to reach the best BJMC colleges in Delhi NCR.


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