How Much Does LLB Course Cost?

LLB is a professional degree course of three years. There is a separate entrance test for LLB organized every year by National Law Colleges in which candidates appear and are chosen on the basis of merit.

If one is clearing LLB entrance test then the fees is not that high. The fees in national law institutes is reasonable which can be afforded by the students. While if the student is unable to clear the entrance test and has to take admission in private colleges then fees is quiet high which varies from Two lakhs to Five lakhs per year. While in national law institutes is
basically below one lakh per year.

Though both private and government institutes offer quality education and students from both these colleges graduate and earn for themselves good name still the spirit of cut throat competition and level of academic performance varies depending on skills and level of performance of the students. As the performance based result varies.

Thus what one learns gathers in these years is very valuable as one earn huge name and fame along with great reputation and respect as responsible citizens of the society.

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Along with this one can earn good amount of wealth as professional and as one gathers experience by the passing of years one is able to earn for oneself good reputation and name.

After completion of this three year degree course young aspirants well versed in different Indian penal local and other enactments start looking for career opportunities both in India and abroad. They have ample of options available after graduating in law both India and abroad.

They can become litigating lawyers, can join some firm, company, LPO, get masters in law, IP attorney, legal advisors in bank, law reporters etc. if one is inclined to pursue career in legal field after getting degree in law from Indian university that’s bit of a dicey situation but the road map is not as difficult as it seems.

One can build career in international law / organizations. Various commissions are there like human rights commission , women and child rights commission. Career opportunity in United Nations Organization as law attorney, IP attorney , Law firms are there and multinational corporations are there too.