Diploma Course or Degree Course?

Both, degree and diploma are types of recognition conferred on a person on the successful completion of an educational course. Both the recognitions certify one’s mastery in their respective discipline.

What is degree?

A degree course is a 3 to 4 year course which is awarded to a student after the completion of the period that is required for a course. A degree is conferred by a university, and there are many universities in India, government, private and added, that have the rights to award degrees in various branches of humanities and sciences. There are some universities belonging to one specific discipline such Dr. B. R. Ambedkar School of Economics, Bengaluru.

After obtaining bachelors degree, students can go for masters and doctorate degree in their respective discipline, and can also conduct their own independent research.

What is diploma?

A diploma course is a certification of one acquiring a specific set of skills in a specific discipline or a branch of discipline enabling the students to understand only the basic principles of the course that they have opted for. Duration of a diploma course is 6 months to 3 years, and after the completion of which the diploma certification is conferred upon the students. A diploma certification is offered by an institution or school. There are various institutions or schools offering diploma courses in various disciplines such as engineering, painting, creative writing, foreign languages etc.

A university’s certain department can also offer diploma courses in some disciplines like Delhi University offers diploma courses in foreign languages.


1. Diplomas can be completed in significantly less time

A diploma takes less time than that of a degree. A degree usually takes at least 3 years for completion where a diploma can be completed in less time than that. A diploma course is also consisted of a great deal of practical knowledge which can prepare early a person for professional life with great vigor and potential. Diplomas allow you to enter the workforce and reap the benefits sooner.

2. Diplomas allow you time to explore different aspects

A diploma course pushes the creativity and the hidden potential in a student out of him/her. A diploma course imparts less theoretical knowledge and more practical knowledge which allow the students to explore the different aspects of their respective course, and enhance their comprehensibility of the various aspects of their respective discipline.

3. Diplomas make you job ready faster

Due to its practical implications, a diploma course can get you ready for a job faster. After the completion of a diploma course, a student is prepared to start his professional life. There are many companies or firms that look for such people to work who have completed their diploma from a recognized institution or university whereas the case with degree course is different from diploma. A degree course requires more efficiency which is attained after pursuing the studies further within the respective discipline.

4. Learning is flexible

Learning in a diploma course is quite easy and flexible. In a diploma course a lot of practicality is involved which enables the students and teachers to conduct their teaching-learning sessions out of the classroom. A diploma also requires the students to make the efforts on their own allowing the learning to be more constructive and less reliable on the teacher as the case with a degree course. A degree course is expected to be more theoretical and dependent upon the teacher.

Therefore, it is expected that it must be clear to the reader now that how a diploma is different from a degree, and how the quick benefits and the tons of practical knowledge can be gained through a diploma course!!!


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