Career in Artificial Intelligence (AI) For Computer Science Engineering Graduates

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a  significant role in the enhancement of  technology and it has taken it to an entirely new horizon with the Machine Learning Principles involved in it. There is a plethora of career opportunities that are available with computer science engineering graduates in the domain of AI.

IT Companies and the global markets these days are absorbing  Engineering  graduates who are acquainted with this technology. Artificial Intelligence  has a lot to offer  in terms of  future growth prospects to these budding CSE Engineering Graduates .

There is no dearth of jobs in AI domain. However ,there is no denial of the fact that students need to develop a keen interest in this field and their base for AI career is characterized by certain parameters like Coding Skills, Know-how of Programming Languages , Robotics ,Logic Building, Calculus, Algebra, Statistics, Neural Networks and knowledge of Cognitive Recognition.

Job Roles available to the Computer Science Engineering graduates are categorized as below:-

Data and Research Scientist:- For Data scientist as a career option, strong analytical skills are expected so as to interpret the data which is collected from various sources using Machine  Learning. One needs to be adept at using Big Data platforms and tools including Hive, Spark, Mapreduce, Hadoop.

Military/ Defence  Organizations have numerous career choices open exclusively for CSE Graduate/ Engineers  as a Research Scientist with a handsome salary and other benefits as per the policy of the organization. The Roles and Responsibility involves designing and analyzing the data acquired from investigations. The results of the experiments conducted are also analyzed .Strong Knowledge Set pertaining to machine learning and mathematics is an asset for this role.

Game ProgrammerJ:-    Gaming and animation have evolved a lot with technology .AI has again a crucial role and has taken all the limelight. Skill set required for this profile involves an expertise in coding, strong hold over PL (Programming Languages ) like Python, Java, Julia , LISP etc.

Machine Learning Engineer:-  In AI space, it is one of the most sought after career option. With understanding on application part of predictive models and utilization of  NLP’s (Natural  Language Processing) while working on the data sets, one can justify the role of being a machine learning Engineer.

Space Scientist

AI is being extensively used these days in Space too.  AI is a valuable tool to filter the vast amount of information. Through Pattern finding , it is easier to explore planets that support life. The universal Space is so vast that includes planets and  uncountable stars and galaxies and other astronomical bodies, it is easier for computers to analyze this information as compared to the Human Counterparts. Decision making and behavioral changes in space can be easily done by AI. AI will also be used to help humans respond to unexpected   events(like new forces of gravity, different temperature ranges and unknown dust or asteroid encounters).


In June 2018, the small AI robot named CIMON flew to the space station on the SpaceX Dragon cargo capsule. Developed by Europe’s Airbus on behalf of Germany’s DLR, the 5-kilogram sphere can talk to people, who it can recognize with the help of facial-recognition software. By conducting experiments and assisting the astronauts, the robot was a valuable mission partner during its brief two-day stay on the station. This project aims to demonstrate how humans and machines can effectively interact and cooperate on space missions.

Various Certification Courses that are available online might be of help in making AI  as a career option and to learn it in a better manner .

 As Stephen Hawking Rightly Quoted:

“So remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see and hold on to that childlike wonder about what makes the universe exist.”

Be Optimistic and Prepare to have a great Career in AI.


5 thoughts on “Career in Artificial Intelligence (AI) For Computer Science Engineering Graduates

  1. So nicely written . Certainly this is an awesome blog for enlightening of students about the upcoming technology and opportunities.


  2. Artificial Intelligence is really a vast subject , it will provid the budding engineers with career opportunities and will also advance our existing technology.


  3. Such an amazing article … being an student of computer science engineering this article helps me to know more about this technology …


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