AS the coin has two faces the same way this pandemic showed its two faces. In India, we very productively used this lockdown time in showing our never stopping hard work through the digitalization which we people of India used and made it a path to be followed by all other countries.

What digitalization is has been shown by all the colleges and schools of our country? Emerging in between with its method of technology and best colleges for computer science and engineering IIMT COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING proved to be the best in imparting knowledge to all its students during the tough time of lockdown.

IIMT GROUP OF COLLEGES which is one of the best private colleges proved that learning is more important than the method. During this period when all the students were anxious IIMT came up forward with online learning where the students were being educated at their home and the faculties were imparting from their home. The various methods of digitalization were involved and being used by the colleges. Nevertheless, this pandemic could not stop the organization from fulfilling what the students had paid.

Various online meetings, online classes, webinars through the various platform have been a part of the digital method of learning that is being provided by IIMT. Not only did this NBA accredited college proved its learning but also came up with the results of a various test which were conducted online for respective streams. Overall IIMT proved its excellence and stood up well for the students.

Making full use of the digitalized era IIMT came up with online activities which included online quizzes, various E-Talent programme, technical quizzes which involved the participation of students from all over the country and it showed that even this digitalization can help in the co-curricular activities.

The most important and best part is about the help that the college provides to its students. The inclusion of various social media platforms has made it easier for the college to cast the opportunity to the students in various activities by the college.

IIMT as always never fails to prove itself be it whatever. So even in this pandemic, the era of digitalization gave IIMT a big stand to enlighten the students up for their future.

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