Rapid Test Kit: Is it successfully passed all the hurdles in India?

By Mayank Raj (Research Scientist)

COVID-19  । Coronavirus । Rapid Test Kits

IIMT, Greater Noida: With the continuousincrease in daily cases India secures its position in Top 5 countries who are most affected by this lethal coronavirus.With a giant leap of daily 10k+ cases, the vulnerability of community spread is now confirmed regardless of continuous denial of government organizations. Contact tracing is now a major challenge for healthcare authorities. Time is always a big constraint in the scenario of chemical test kits which takes almost 24-48 hours in providing results. Rapid test kits passed the time barrier and boost the total number of testing in India. Due to the introduction of Rapid Test kits, the number of testing in India is doubled in the last few weeks.

But a question arises in all healthcare professional minds that can we trust Rapid test kits. According to ICMR statement. “Testing is the only weapon to fight against this lethal coronavirus and ICMR is tied in its promise to make India corona free.

In mid-April 2020 ICMR has procured five lakhs rapid antibody test kits from Chinese healthcare firms. Later ICMR stated “We have noticed a wide amount of variations in Chinese test kits, and some lots behave abnormally in different tropical conditions apart from the assurance and claims made by the manufactures.

Talking about Indian companies a state-owned HLL Lifecare limited failed to pass its sample test kit as it cannot match the minimum standards set by ICMRI. From almost 100 random samples, the accuracy problem was observed in the first few batches.

Another Hyderabad company declares that it develops rapid test kits which will cost around Rs 50 to 100. Company possessing a capacity of developing 35000 kits a say but unable to match the standards of ICMR. Even the renowned test kits from South Korea were not delivering satisfactory results. According to the statements from Haryana Health Minister Anil Vij. “We have found many imbalances and false positive in some lots of Rapid test kits.

Taling about an invention from IIMT innovation cell, Greater Noida. Young scientists of their innovation cell have developed a “Rapid COVID-19 detection system from lungs X-ray” which can detect the infected in 5 minutes and also on a mass scale. Their system is under trails with some research units of MHRD India. These types of inventions can transform the way of testing and helps our country to fight against COVID-10. With the research on the invention of COVID-19 Vaccines, we have to work hard for the development of accurate Rapid test kits.


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