Artificial Intelligence- a Boon or a Curse-

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Artificial Intelligence is defined as the simulating of human thinking patterns and intelligence in machines that so that they are made to think like humans and duplicate their actions. The term may also be applied to any machine that exhibits characteristics associated with a human intelligence such as cognitive thinking and finding solutions to problems.

The ideal characteristics of AI are to bring about rationalizion and take actions to achieve certain goals and bring about certain specific outcomes.

Simplifying Artificial Intelligence

When most people hear the term AI, the first thing that comes to their minds are robots. That is because of the effect of Hollywood films and TV shows that depict robotic machines that go around raining destruction on Earth and generally creating mayhem destroying human life. However, this is very much far-removed from reality.

Artificial Intelligence is based on the principle that human intelligence can easily be duplicated and execute simple and complex tasks just like a human being. Artificial Intelligence comprises learning, reasoning and perception just like human intelligence.

When man invented machines to make life simpler and as technology advanced, previous premises and assumptions that defined AI became outdated. Earlier simple functions like addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc. are no longer considered to be AI and are now taken for granted as an inherent computer function.

AI is in the process of continuous evolution. It is benefiting many industries. Machines are programmed using a cross-disciplinary approach based on many disciplines like mathematics, computer science, psychology, etc. Algorithms also play a crucial part in the structure of AI using both simple and complex algorithms for problem-solving.

Uses of Artificial Intelligence

Nowadays the applications of AI are infinite. The technology is being applied to various industries and segments of human activity.AI is being utilized to help in space research, healthcare, industrial applications, etc. It is also being utilized to carry out surgical operations in the operation theatres. AI is being used in the entertainment sector to create films and computer games. A famous Hollywood film named  “Avatar” was shot based on AI  and is one of the largest grossing filmsof all time at the box office. There are other films like  “Terminator” and “I,Robot” to name a few. In India also the technology has been used in film-making.  A few  very successful films have been “Bahubali” and  “Robot” which grossed huge amounts at the box office in I ndia and abroad. It is being successfully used in anti-collision devices in both train and aeroplanes to prevent collisions. It is now being applied to driver-less cars and is in the experimental stage. 

AI has wide-ranging applications including the banking industry where any suspicious banking activity can be detected and alerts sounded to take corrective action and prevention of frauds. It  is also applied in the stock market world-wide to regulate and implement selling and buying of shares with adequate controls.

Fears on Use of Artificial Intelligence

One of the biggest fears in the use of AI is that it will replace humans completely take away their jobs. This is far from the truth and has no scientific basis. It is being depicted in films and generating a faer psychosis.

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