Everyone should Identify and evaluate their employability skills The employer always looks for candidates who have wide range of skills to fulfill his job specific needs. Once you identify the skills needed then you should build them and learn how to offer them to the employer.
The employability skills are also called as “Soft Skills”. These skills are highly valued by the interviewer and are essential for effective performance in the office or any place you work. The skills are common for all roles of work and are common across all types of industry. These skills are different from professional or technical skills and teach communication and teamwork.
 At the college or university level one should learn the employability skills rather to say enhance or sharpen your employability skills by gaining experience as everyone has few skills in them. These skills will help in getting a job or even help you in your personal or professional life.
A student to enhance his/her employability skills should do the following things

  • Should get involved in extracurricular activities as these will give him/herexperience which will help in his/her personal & professional career.
  • You should make the most of this during your studies to develop the skills by participating in activities like public speaking, presentations, internship programs, mentorship programs.
  • You should gain experience through doing internship in relevance to your field.
  • You should put all these extracurricular / internship work in your CV which will give a positive impact during your interview. Also try to get recommendation/ appreciation letters from the organizations you have done your internship and include these in your portfolio to showcase during an interview.

Why you should identify your employability skills
Basically knowing how to present your skills is itself a skill. During an interview one should incorporate his/her skills through relevant examples. This will increase your chance of getting selected by the interviewer.
Identifying your skills will help you in
a. Building self confidence
b. Writing cover letters while applying for an interview.
c. Will help in filling the gaps you find in your skills.

Different Types of Employability Skills
The skills needed to become employable are endless. It is with the person how he presents himself in front of the interviewer and showcasing the skills developed that are relevant to the field of expertise.  
The different types of skills can be categorized as
1. Problem Solving Skills
2. Management Skills
3. Team working Skill
4. Communication Skills
Problem Solving Skills
The problem solving skills in a candidate can be divided into different segments as under

  • Having ability to solve problems independently and in teams
  • Having ability to take realistic decisions and make action plans accordingly.
  • Ability to apply a range of strategies to solve problems
  • Having ability to solve complex issues and resolving customer concerns.
  • Have the ability to develop and evaluate a range of options.

Management Skills
The person should have the skills which are needed for the growth of the organization in which the person is working and also for his overall personal growth. The different
management skills can be as

  • Taking responsibility of the work done
  • Having the ability to work under pressure
  • Demonstration skills
  • Have a vision and goal
  • Have the ability to evaluate self performance.

Team working Skill
A person should have the ability and confidence to work in a team. Again we can say that a person to work in a team should have the following capabilities

  • Should have the ability to identify the strength of every team member
  • Should have the skill to distribute work amongst the team members and get the work done.
  • Should have the ability to coach & motivate team members
  • Should have the ability to resolve difference in opinions of the members.
  • Should contribute to the team in getting the desired results.
  • Should have the skill to work with people of all ages and gender.
  • Should know his limitations.

Communication Skills
This is one of the most important skills the person should have. The different communication skills can be

  • Should have good English communication along with at least one local language
  • Should have the ability to establish relationships
  • Should be able to understand the need of the client
  • Should have the ability to listen, understand and speak clearly.
  • Should have the ability to negotiate and demonstrate effectively.

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