“Success is a state of mind. If you want success- start thinking of yourself as a success.” Dr.Joyce Brothers.

    Keeping the above quote in mind, there are various factors which lead us to the path of success. The article is highlighted on the steps, key words which can help one to get on to that path.
1. Desire: This is the first word we need to remember to succeed. Success really requires a vision of the better than it is today. What do you think is so bad about sacrificing yourself to achieve this? Desire is the starting point for success. The desire must be personal and may not be what someone wants for you.
2. Discipline: discipline is a bridge between goals and achievements. Most successful people do what others do not like to do, even if they do not like it. For example, successful people always do complicated things. They take good care of themselves. All this requires sacrifice, which is the key to success. Develop the muscles of your discipline to earn in life.
3. Dedication: Dedication to your life is one of the keys to a successful life. I know that
many experts talk about a successful career, but I think we should consider life in
general. We must dedicate ourselves to life and, as Victor Frankl said, life asks us a
question. It is up to us to answer this call. Dedicate yourself to every part of your life and take action on your well-maintained dreams.
4. Determination: Decision is the key to moving forward when you face the inevitable
setbacks that are certain to happen on anyone’s journey. Keep your dreams and goals to the forefront of your mind as you find your way to success. Keep your determination by developing your gritty muscles.
5. Deserve: You really deserve all the good things with your talents and hard work. There is really no reason for all of us not to achieve the results we deserve, provided we work it right. We all deserve to succeed, regardless of our background. So believe in yourself and you will get what you deserve for the most part.
IIMT COLLEGE OF POLYTECHNIC, is all very much key driven in these above mentioned D’s for making the faculties, students to get the best in life and help them in paving the way for success.


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