Self- Discipline and Self-Determination are the keywords which will make the above line come true.
The ability to control and avoid unhealthy habits or excess that can create a negative impact. It enables an individual to choose the right decisions, and maintain their thoughts , behavior, and actions, to attain success and improvement. IIMT COLLEGE OF POLYTECHNIC, has those driven trained faculties that can inculcate the habit of success, to bring out the discipline in the students to achieve and make their dream a reality.

      Success is an indifferentiable term, and has its impact from individual to individual. But the path to success is the same. The journey may be different, but the mantra remains the same.
This article is all about the mantra for success which will ultimately guide you and focus you to have the notion of I Can, I Will and I Win. Self- Discipline nurtures the path with confidence, inner strength and self- esteem, leading to satisfaction and happiness.
Steps to achieve Self- Discipline:
1. Set your Goals.
2. Meditation
3. Every day Routine Check
4. Avoid Distractions
5. Positivity
      Self- Discipline directs a person to lead a healthy professional and personal life. A Self- Determined person achieves great heights through his efforts and optimum use of time. All of the essentiality can be seen in the IIMT COLLEGE OF POLYTECHNIC which drives the students to achieve the goals.


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