The world is gripped in the pandemic which has caused a complete lockdown which mankind has never witnessed.
Before we begin articulating, a need to understand the cause is imperative:
The pandemic is caused by a virus called CORONA VIRUS, which belongs to a family of SARS and MERS. This virus’s strain has never been seen in any human till date, hence the name n-COVID-19 which means novel-coronavirus disease-2019. Arising from Wuhan, China it has now covered 216 countries with 7.82 mn cases, which are increasing day by day.
Why be negative from Corona? After being tested for Covid 19, if the results are positive it implies you are suffering from the virus. If negative, you are safe and healthy!

Coronavirus. COVID-19. 3D Render

 Our target is to be “negative” and the way to achieve this is by being “positive” in our mindset, in our lifestyle, in our habits and our day to day consensual activities.
The lockdown has caused a profuse amount of burden on our mental wellbeing, on our lifestyle, and time management. It is indeed a challenge for the students who are one hand digesting the learning provided virtually as well as trying to equip themselves up with the raising challenges that the economy, culture and “New Normal” will bring in front.
IIMT COLLEGE OF POLYTECHNIC proactively understood the need of an hour and took care of the curriculum through Digital Transformation and virtual classes, also taking the mental wellbeing of students into consideration; the IIMT College has been conducting informative webinars on topics of self-development.
These are unprecedented times, where we all can be together, this is the time to be digital, to inculcate healthy habits in our lifestyle, to collaborate through technology and bring about a positive change in ourselves.
Let us join together and be a part of the chain. Let’s be Positive to make Corona Negative.


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