B. Tech (IT) is a demanded branch in today’s Covid-19 Pandemic era because Information Technology becoming a sandwich of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligent. As our foreign expert Mr. Ramit Kumar, Vice president, State Street, USA, who is working on Automation and Artificial Intelligent dream us next 5-10 years future vision in our webinar program “Digital Technologies: Robotics”. According to him, we can defeat Covid-19 like diseases using Robotics. As we are aware that software engineers will be in demand in field of Artificial Intelligent. As we know that IT branch produces more intellectual engineers and their salary packages will increase high compared to other job profiles. As we know that, IT branch has few colleges besides IIMT. In which IIMT College of Engineering Greater Noida is providing result oriented and job oriented infrastructure. According to students feedback this college is giving committed education as their institute vision and mission.  If we say about IT Department, is going to NBA in coming session with their novel vision and mission. In IT Department, there are number of faculties educated from various repudiated national level colleges with huge teaching experience.

IIMT College of Engineering Greater Noida also conducting webinar, training, and worksops on the various latest techniques such as digital technologies, AI, and network security for students, faculties, and others types of staffs for improving and updating their knowledge according to current and future demand. It will be   very useful for students interested in creating a career in the private, government and public sector.

Why choose IIMT College of Engineering for getting the degree?

IIMT College of Engineering Greater Noida totally focuses on diversity, flexibility and applicable knowledge. As vision and mission of IIMT College of Engineering Greater Noida are designed with current technologies, value-added courses, conferences, and industrial visit programs which includes lectures by Indian and foreign guest expert, Industrial visits in software industry, case studies and live projects. This enriches the degree aspirant with the best experience to develop top-level skills and turns him into a confident professional.
After completing your B.Tech (IT) course from IIMT College of Engineering Greater Noida, the student has a lot of advantages. It can help you to improve your confidence for industry job as well as research and higher education career options. B. Tech (IT) admission process completely so that you choose the right career prospect. IIMT Group of colleges is recognized as the top college in Delhi NCR.


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