Artificial intelligence (AI) has a peculiar ability to surprise, enchant and intimidate at the same time. The possibilities of AI are innumerable and go beyond our imagination. Artificial intelligence will be the basis of the era of mobile communications, automation and Industry 4.0, providing everything from analysis, decision-making processes, agriculture, logistics, construction, aerospace and robotics.


The legion of programmed robots that replace workers on the assembly line is the most repetitive and powerful way when we think of AI. Robbery has already begun, and many companies are trying to use robots for various purposes. The innovation, however, is that robots, previously only used for manual and tidy tasks, would now begin to do semi-skilled work: filling in forms, creating reports, creating animations, providing instructions, etc. In short, from partial automation We are looking for complete automation with the help of training machines to perform the required task.

IIMT COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING faculties and students are well equipped with the data knowledge and practical exposure for the same.

Artificial Intelligence complementing humans in the sense of ‘rise of machines’ . But seeking the present scenario one should develop the notion that these machines should be the helping hand for humans and run parallel with the technology. The world has changed and taken turns in the recent trends in the areas specificity and we should also enhance ourselves for the same.

                                                                                     ~ASMITA SINGH BISEN

                                                                                       ASSISTANT PROFESSOR

                                                                                      MECHANICAL DEPARTMENT

                                                                                      IIMT COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING

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