What should be the level of the education system of a country? A straight question comes to mind of all of us. So Currently our education system is about classrooms, students, a teacher using white or blackboard boards. Do we really feel it is quick, smart, easy answer comes ……….No. But why is it so? and what about future trends and what about corporate needs my answer is yes the change has begun.

So it has been observed that in last couple of years our education system is going through a phase of transition from current level classroom based learning to corporate level with the development of techniques and methodologies adopted in education practices from the level of traditional methods to the trends catching the corporate and global pattern. Flame of this change is intensified with the adversity of COVID19 which has forced all of us to learn and do the work from home only. Famous author Shwet Martin has said that there is hidden seed of success and development in the adverse situations……here comes the proof the whole  world is just online using all the modern tools based on internet and whole education industry being survived and running with the modern corporate tools …….it is the strong signal and sign of following the corporate trends now………

So the internet era and online learning practices in education recently has supported this fact and showed a path of hope that now the time has really come to catch the level of corporate trends of learning therefore to meet this level current education is getting modern and very quickly incorporating advance level online practices widely. The online learning serve independent learning as well like you yourself can learn the things widely from anywhere in this world.

There is no doubt about that the soon time will come when corporate needs will be matched too when you are coming out from the institution after completing your education. Online learning get us self-directed towards achieving the academic goals and but you should be self-motivated. It mainly relies on the visual way of learning.

Current education depends on the internet. When the learners are considering to choose between online or traditional education, the difference that comes to their mind is obviously is the difference between sitting in front of a computer or smart classrooms and sitting in a traditional classroom.

These are not only the difference in online and traditional education, but there is also a difference in procedures techniques, surrounding environment, etc. which influence the same too.If talk specifically about the corporate trends then I would say Corporate trends are the practices patterns or methodologies being run for the development of organization and it’s employees by learning to match the pace of the developing world and global market.Importance of the same being recognized time to time. If any employee fail to do so it will get him lagging behind and getting him unable to match the updated skills required to meet the organizational needs.

It will lead to unemployment and deficiency of capable employees in the market and may reduce the efficiency and quality output too. It may further affect the mass. Corporate trends being in practice have been like use of methodologies which involve use of :

Video sessions gives specialised content sharing to large number of employees of the organization at a time. Virtual reality sessions trains the employees by putting them in the situations and letting them use their mind how they cope up look out for the solution. Gamification is basically a learning using fun and easy way to understand certain concepts and phenomenon. Mobile has turn easy and quick tool these days through which gives you the access to different activities immediately and time flexibility too using various apps and recording option etc.

All these tools now have been incorporating in modern education system too and if effectively used consistently then it will help us in fulfilling the needs of industry of talented professionals .So we can conclude that corporate trends and current education system is filling the gap with the help of inclusion of modern and advance learning tools of education and helping in the building youth of nation and nation itself. It is a positive sign for the future too and giving the hope of bright future.

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