How a college Helps you become An Eminent Journalists

“The pen is all-time powerful than the sword.” This is the natural truth for the field of Journalism. No one became a good journalist over the night. To become an eminent journalist, a person has to train all aspects of the journalism field. In this regard, college matters to build a smart journalist through sufficient hand-on training classes. Faculties in the journalism department of any college are well experienced in the field and desk, so they give practical knowledge to the students. They give hand-on experience education to aspiring journalists apart from theoretical knowledge. As we are aware that the journalism course introduces students to make a career in several creative fields such as Print Media, Audio-Visual Media, New Media, Cinema, Advertisement, Public Relation, etc. in which a person achieve name and fame in society.

In reality, a journalist has no authorized power, but his words either in writing or speaking give him/her power. His/her news sense has power and he knows situations better than any normal people. No one became a good journalist in one day. He has to work continuously regarding good writing, good vocabulary, and good presentation. He has to develop his writings related to catchy and informative words. They have the power to ask questions to those concerned persons, which are authorized in democracy. He can ask the difficult question to a District Magistrate to the Prime Minister of the country and disclosed his loopholes to society.

Those who are interested in audio-visual media have to develop their speaking skills with a good presentation. She/he has to work on his body language also and presented him/herself as the people who became curious to listen to his/her voice. The student of journalism has to work with his mobile for MOJO journalism, with a camera for Cinematography, with teleprompter for news anchoring, with Final Cut Pro (FCP) for Video editor, etc. and all they trained all together in the college during his courses. Journalism students also study the process of communication in a college class.

Now a day, every people have a mobile in their hand and use social media platform such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. When they write a post in these social media, this is called self-mass Communication, in which they have no idea, who is the receiver of their message. In college, the faculties talked with the students about the types and processes of communication. Here, content and its representation are very important. Our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi talks about ‘make in India’, ‘vocal for local, ‘entrepreneurship’ etc. and this can be achieved in the journalism field easily. Many journalist earn a handsome amount through social media platforms and provide lots of opportunities to others. Therefore, how to become a successful entrepreneur in the field of media, this can be learned in the college classroom.


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