​A chalkboard stands silently as a piece of furniture in a classroom. You can either ignore it or use it haphazardly or employ it as a mirror of your mind. It can serve as a mirror to reflect your thoughts to your students as you write on it while teaching. A few guidelines will help you for effective use of blackboard / chalkboard.

Chalkboards may be used very effectively by following some basic guidelines:
1. Clean the chalkboard completely before starting your session. A clean board reflects the clarity of your mind and prevents the students from distractions. Also ensure glare-free visibility of the written word to all the students.
2. Write on it according to a pre-decided plan. Decide to write less and mean more.
3. Don’t speak to the chalkboard. Keep turning back and forth: speak the students while writing on the board.
4. Stand clear of the written word. Do not hide what you write. Allow the students to see the board uninterrupted.
5. Don’t scratch a word here and a line there. Do not crowd the board with too much matter. Plan your rubbing-off sequence. Rub off a section of the board and write there. Then rub off the rest of it.
6. Hold the chalk between the thumb and the fingers. Use colored chalks in order to distinguish some parts and to highlight some components of the visuals on the board.
7. At the end of a teaching session, the teacher must clean the board as a matter of courtesy for the next teacher. A clean board would help him/her to start with a clean slate.
      In brief, blackboard/chalkboard is a teacher’s real asset in class teaching as it serves to make direct appeal to child’s senses and seeks strengthen the retention and assists the recall of facts.

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