Artificial Intelligence Course in Delhi NCR | IIMT Group Of College

   We learn technology but the beauty of Artificial Intelligence course is that it learns us, it observes us, it looks at the way we are answering the questions and then taking that data point it anticipates what our answers will be in a certain situation. The term artificial intelligence was first used by John McCarthy in Dartmouth Conference in 1956. There are various examples of AI in our daily life such as virtual assistant like Siri and Alexa, entertainment like Netflix and YouTube, automobiles like Tesla etc.
     It was after the invention of computers when AI began to excite researchers where things could be done at a faster pace than a human. In a country like India AI can stimulate various opportunities followed by certain challenges for Indian industries. Being one of the fastest growing nations India has lot of scope for AI. The government
is also playing a crucial role in leaving no stone upturned to seek benefits and to drive massive changes in the economy. There are various sectors for businesses to exploit AI opportunities such as healthcare, banking, banking, agriculture, transport and education. In 2018 NITI Ayog spearheaded a national programme on ‘National Strategy for AI’ in February 2018 which addresses what would be India’s strategy in AI. According to the discussion paper given by NITI Ayog on AI there are over 30 policy recommendation which will help in encouraging training, scientific research and will also promote privacy and security in AI.

   There are various opportunities where AI can contribute in the growth of
economy such as:
• It is a versatile platform which enables Aadhaar, digital banking and KYC
for customers.
• Private sector plays an important role in investment in different fields
of AI. It can be the biggest commercial opportunities for businesses.
• The use of AI can help in automating government process. It can
improve transparency, efficiency and privacy issues.
• ‘Make in India’ program can be benefited by encouraging startups
in the application of AI.
As every opportunity comes with various challenges, some of them are:

  • AI has threatened white collar jobs. For e.g Telemarketing, Bookkeeping clerk, Retail salespeople etc.
  • There is high resource cost in adoption of AI and also awareness is low.
  • AI algorithm raises privacy issue and ethical regulations.
  • Low intensity of AI research. According to Global AI Talent Report 2018 out of the 22,000 PhD educated researchers worldwide in Artificial Intelligence (AI), only 386 are in India.

In India adoption of AI remains limited. The estimates indicate that only 22% of the firms in India use AI in any business process. Indian start-ups have been able to raise just USD87 million in 2017, as against over USD28 billion raised by the Chinese start-ups in 2017. The collaboration for research projects should be increased and the deserving start-ups should be funded by the government to increase the participation of digital giants.

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