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Artificial Intelligence! Undoubtedly the first amongst the top trending technologies that has been an integral part of many software’s like SAS for years and is going to be the new industrial revolution. If I talk about artificial intelligence, the very first thought that comes to our mind is the intelligence which is made artificially which simply means you are giving a brain to a machine. So that it can take decisions on its own without depending on others.
Let us dive little deep into it –

  • Why AI is important
  • How AI is used
  • How AI works
  • AI on Academics

   Everything that is revolutionary have an embarked history behind. The term was coined in 1956. The US department of defence in 1960s took interest in this topic and began working over it. Whereas, DARPA in 1970s completed some projects like Street mapping and produced personal intelligent assistant like Alexa, Cortana etcin early 2000s. the evolution of AI can be mapped as –

  • 1950s – 1970s – working with neural networks
  • 1980s – 2010s – Machine Learning
  • Present – Deep Learning

   Many of us mix – up AI with machine learning thinking they are same but machine learning is just a part of AI. You can take it as if AI is a human body then ML is just an organ which perform its own function.
​   Since the technologies are growing AI becomes an important and integral part of the industries as it automates repetitive learning and discovering through data. It performs high volume computerized tasks reliably and without fatigues. AI adds intelligence to the existing cannot be sold as a single application. Smart machines can be integrated with the large data to improve the technologies at workplace and home that can be from an investment analysis to security intelligence.
How does it work?…
  It adapts the learning through progressive learning algorithm to let data do the find patterns in the data to acquire a skill. This algo becomes a predictor or a classifier as it teaches itself through the data. It analyses deeper data using neural networks that consists of many hidden layers.
    This type of models need more data to be fed to become more accurate. The larger the data more they become accurate. Thus through this deep neural networks AI achieves an incredible accuracy. For ex Alexa, Google search. AI in today’s world With the growing technologies we are now inclined towards automating things to make life better. At present we are using AI with IOT, integrating this to analytical platform and much more varieties of fields where it is being used. Every industry has a huge demand for AI capabilities, this includes

  • Health care
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Banking

    Various institutes have decided to open it to students who would like pursue their graduations and post-graduation in AI. This institutes will have a separate curriculum to study AI. Not only government colleges are offering this as a separate branch but also now top private colleges like IIMT college of Engineering is taking initiative for the same. This is going to be very beneficial for the students as very few institutes are offering such facilities.

The other side –
      AI does not have to be evil to destroy humanity – if AI has a goal and humanity just happens in the way, it will destroy humanity as a matter of course without even thinking about it, no hard feelings .& quot; – Elon Musk.
     As every coin have two sides AI is not different to have this sides too. If not used properly can it canbe used very destructively to harm anyone. Having proper knowledge to apply and to use is the key tomake it a beautiful way to treat world better.

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