Assessment of Technical Education (NBA)-NIRF Ranking College

Technical Education is the back bone of any country. The overall development of any country is depends upon the youth who are participating in technological development, new research activities and infrastructure building. For all these the education and skill development are most important criteria.  

For technical education institutes or colleges are platforms for students. After privatization self financed colleges came in existence other than IITs, NITs and RECs and due to this, there is huge number of colleges in each state. So for student’s point of view it is very difficult to choose the right college because in the commercial world where advertisements are playing very important role, everyone clamming for being best.

For the assessment of colleges, to ensure the quality education and to promote the outcome based education in India; AICTE took initiative for Accreditation of all colleges and formed National board of Accreditation (NBA). The NBA gives certification of assessment to colleges, which are satisfying a well defined criterion and securing marks as per NBA guidelines during visit of experts.

Mainly the assessment is having performance verticals which include College, Department, Faculty, Student and improvements. The performance of students can be assessed with the help of results, placements, higher study their involvement in research and other activities. Similarly the performance of faculty members can be assessed with the help of their qualification, teaching methodology, innovation, research activity, publications, projects, patents, product developments and number of years they are investing in a current institute for the betterment. The NBA is mainly focusing on outcome based education so they defined possible program outcomes and department is doing exercise to achieve the target which is being fixed by department itself. Now the evaluation of POs is based on each and every course which is being taught in department. So Course outcome is a measurement of every subject that is, what outcome being as a faculty we are expecting from the subject and what exactly we are getting. So in outcome based education there is a flexibility to redefine our target at faculty level or at department level. So in short Accreditation is a process which can assess the quality of college as well as department.

Now AICTE suggests to each institute for Accreditation of their departments and very soon it will be mandatory for all. After Accreditation all institute will be at same platform and it will be very helpful to our students also to get quality education. Recently the Computer Science & Engineering Department of IIMT college of Engineering got Accreditation by NBA. There are very few colleges in NCR which are NBA accredited and it shows the clear Vision and outcome based education is being provided by IIMT college of engineering.


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