Remember: Those who make plans will definitely get success

To stay organized is always crucial due to the amount of free time a person has. It is easy to fall behind others due to lot of assignments, exam as well as lab during the academic session. A detailed calendar which contains all the information regarding upcoming exams and assignments, along with any extra-curricular commitments. You can then start shutting off time on a daily basis to gradually start studying or complete necessary work. By staying organized, it will help you to manage time and will help in creating study route.
   For in-class notes, always make a separate file or folder or notebook for each subject, or for pdf, word, ppt file make a separate folder in computer for each subject. One of my friends always kept a sticky note on her desk which contains list of all assignments and exams with their dates, so she could correctly manage her time.
To become organized, a student should follow the following:
a. Planning.
Students should use a planner to plan the important dates for the academic’s session. Planner is used to track the assignments, remember the dates of tests & other academic plans. Always make only one planner so that nothing misses out, as multiple planners can lead to these mishaps and is time-consuming as well.
​Only making the planner will not bemore enough. You have to plan in such a way that the planner is always with you during your classes. This will help you to keep record of important dates. But you should never forget to complete the task assigned within the time limit.


 b. Track of syllabus:
When the session starts, the teachers provide the syllabus to the students. This syllabus will help to student to keep the records of notes as well as help in buying the books. The notes & the books will help the students to ensure that they have complete study material.  Keeping your schedule helpful after you have notes and reading material with you can be valuable to remind all the significant task due dates that will occur all through the course.
c. Time-Table
The time-table must be with you so that it can help you to stay organized throughout the course. Having your class plan hung up some place in your room, for example, on a release board or over your work area, will help guarantee you do not miss a class. If you miss the class, it will lead to degradation in your grades.
d. Color-coding
Color-coding is used to differentiate between subject and their respective assignments. This incorporates having a particular shading fastener or organizer for each class and utilizing an alternate shade of pen when recording dates for various classes in your organizer. This will assist with keeping record of each class. Above all, you know your advancement in each subject. Association is the way to exceeding expectations scholastically in the study hall. Additionally, the association aptitudes you create in school will help you for an incredible remainder.


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