Currently the Computer science engineering is having huge demand among the students of not only our country but also across the world. It has become the first choice of Engineering aspirants in India. The major reason behind this huge demand is the drastic increase in the software development and its applications. Software is prominent in companies and industries everywhere and electronic gadgets are upgraded fastly with the new technology. Whatever field you can think of, in India, technology has entirely changed the models of business and newer means of communication has been created. In present world one can’t imagine growth in any start-up or industries without computers. All these advances in computer technology and its applications shows that this is a good time to be a computer science engineer. There are huge future prospectives and enormous Jobs in this field. The computer jobs are very exciting, demanding, and have high potential for future growth.

Education doesn’t guarantee employability? Different types of surveys conducted in India say that there is mammoth force of Engineers in India and approximately 97% aspired to be employed in Computer software or Hardware Engineering. There are only 2 or 3 percent Engineers that possess the skills which are required to work in the industry effectively. Programming skills are the major requirement to get employment in the Computer industry. Even though the number of Colleges offering undergraduate courses in Computer Science Engineering are very large , only very few of them are well equipped to provide the students appropriate skills which are required to grab the job opportunities.

Computer Science Engineering

         This is so because the Computer Science Engineering is a field which grows very rapidly and very vastly. But it doesn’t mean that you should not aspire for this branch of Engineering. There are some colleges in India having NBA accredited Computer Science Engineering Department having updated curriculum along with practical training facilities that makes you more employable. Second thing is that even if you study in a college where facilities and methodology are not sufficient then you can always try to acquire those skills by self-learning techniques. There are tons of excellent online websites nowadays through which you can acquire skills and become employable without depending on your College.

How Computer Engineering changed the business models?
  After completing the Computer Science Engineering course in couple of years most of the computer engineers end up facing certain challenges in their professional life. Even if computer engineer possess excellent programming skills then it is always necessary to acquire business and leadership skills because eventually you will work as a team leader or data analyst or software designer. The primary job of a software or website designer is to first understand the demands of customer and then to satisfy customer by successfully completing his project. If Computer engineers fail to understand their customers, their problems, their business model and their prospective customers, they won’t be trusted to lead teams and make projects.

Why Computer Science Engineering is so important?
A computer engineer tests computers and their respective systems and develops memory devices, processors, and networks. They integrate all the hardware and softwarecomponents which are required for a business to grow and run efficiently in this digital world.

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