Education in India is more inclined towards getting of job. The very purpose of getting educated is to get a job. The psychology of the students is higher the degree better is the prospects of getting a job. Now there is a million dollar question looming across the board is where they will get a job if Industries are not coming.
   So, for generating jobs at least few of them has to take up Entrepreneurship and start their own business. Now talking about MBA education in India, initial days the focus was on getting senior level jobs for MBA postgraduates. Slowly the focus changed and many a top institution of MBA education in India established incubation cell or Entrepreneurship cell to encourage students to take up Entrepreneurship. IIMT Business School one of the best MBA College in Delhi/NCR  has a dedicated Entrepreneurship cell which is headed by a senior professor.

        College conducts many a training and workshops for students, so that they get motivation to start their own start-ups. Many students are successfully running their own ventures after passing out from IIMT Business School. These budding youths were also provided with chance to join placement driver but they chose to start their own business. As on date almost all of them are doing well in their respective business and are living a dignified lives.There is a urgent need to groom students to take up business as a career then looking for job.
         Once the inclination towards business will be inculcated in the youth there will be innovative ideas coming out and the nation will get the benefit. We have example like OYO rooms. It started with a small idea and now it is a big brand. It is a matter of surprise that without owning a hotel OYO has rooms across the country and they are able to provide rooms at very affordable price.
 For a start-up good business plan is a must.
        Here in IIMT B School there is a dedicated Entrepreneurship cell headed by DEAN MBA. The cell has been arranging many seminar and workshop for the students. In these workshop eminent persons talk about their experience to motive students to take up Entrepreneurship. The cell also invites various government agencies who trains students to start their own business. They get the information that from where they will get the financial support for their start-ups.Some of the ex-students who are now successful Entrepreneurship were also invited to share their knowledge. Two aspects came out after their interaction. One never give up after initial failure, Fight again after each failure, success will come. Second one was patience, one need to have patience to get success. Nobody can become rich over nite. One has to wait for at least few years to get success.
      We at IIMT Business School impart all the knowledge as stated above to make our students ready to launch their own start-ups.Many of our students are successful businessman and have created mark for themselves in society.


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