Changing Era of Covid-19 on Educational Platform

Today, the world is struggling hard to deal with covid-19 pandemic. Everyone is quite aware that this diabolical disaster has transformed the world picture from a happy Earth to a lamenting Earth. But, one thing should not be forgotten that Human history is full of challenges. Our glorious past is also having flashing back memories of encounters under which it had gone through. Every time the human survival was the question mark but human race had always reached towards the zenith surpassing all the challenges and glitches. Whenever an impediment comes, it always brings opportunities along with it, this is the statement of The Managing Director, Mr Mayank Agarwal , IIMT Group of   Colleges Greater Noida.  IIMT is one of the AKTU top ten Engineering colleges in Delhi, NCR. In such crucial conditions, where everyone is scared, this group has proven that nothing can stop a person to reach his destination if one is firm determined and confident enough to deal these temporary defies. Being a responsible, NAAC Accredited, Educational Institute, this group has provided constant services to its student’s fraternity as they understand the value of education as well as time. Covid-19 has disturbed the working machinery of the system, but this was the vigour of this group that they not only settled themselves with the current conditions but adjusted everything accordingly and planned their strategies to deal with this. This is true that life cannot wait for living until Corona vanishes. Acknowledging this bitter truth, the group, with the help of the sound equips system and methodology, has stared its journey again to cater knowledge and education with the opening of the new session for B.Tech admission.

They know very well that with present idle time if they don’t infuse energy into their students through online system, it would be a great a loss not only to the students but to the nation as this youth is the future of the nation. Corona can be the part of the life but it can’t be the heart of the life. This dynamic group is not only providing its facilities on educational platform, but beyond academics too, its services to the nation is commendable. The management is open handed helping to the nation through its labour whether it is to spread awareness for Novel Corona Virus or Sanitization, distribution of food or basic amenities to the needy ones in the hard period of lockdown. Such kinds of Educational Institutes are really working and making the building blocks of the nation and fulfilling their duties as a responsible organization. This is because they are able to secure their position as the best private Engineering College in India.


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