How to Remain Happy-IIMT Group of Colleges

Each one of us wants to feel happy and remain happy. But it is a difficult task. More often than not we feel sad for one or the other reason.

Recently the coronavirus crisis, the lockdown and loss of jobs  has created  havoc in life of many.

To overcome these difficult days one need to practice certain things to remain happy.

Few steps are as follows:-

Spent quality time with your family

Spend quality time with your family. Earlier most of us were complaining that we do not get time to be with our family. We were too busy with our work that we never had time spend at home. Now is the time to devote maximum time to family. Play with children, take stroll in your balcony with your spouse, crack jokes and eat good food.

These small things will give a lot of joy. You will not regret sitting at home.

Thank God for what you have

In this difficult times if you are getting proper food and shelter, you are one of the lucky persons. God has given you enough to survive in this crisis. Please look at the plight of migrant labours. They are subjected to cover long distance on foot. Their future is total uncertain. They do not know whether they will get any work in their respective states or not.

Follow your passion and hobbies

I have heard many people complaining that due their busy schedule they never got time to follow their passion. Some of them wanted to become a singer but fate made them engineer. So now they have the time to start singing. They can learn singing online and follow their passion. They can very well fulfil their long cherished passion.

Catch up with your overdue Sleep.

Another common complaint with working class was that they do not get time to sleep. Now they have golden opportunity to catch up with their lost sleep. Go ahead and sleep for the extra hours you always yearned for. This will certainly rejuvenate them for fighting crisis.

Develop new skills

These leisure time is perfect to enhance your skills. Each one of us should take advantage of the situation and learn something new. The most wanted aspect is to learn to work online, now a days every things has become online, So, one has to learn how to handle online thing. If one is not comfortable with the web he or she will face difficulties in life.

Fulfil your spiritual Needs.

Now with ample time in hand one can devote time in its devotional interests.

Few people wanted to read Geeta or Ramayana, they can very well read them. Few wanted to complete some Vedic rituals. They can also complete it.These things will give them happiness and satisfaction they always wanted.

We at IIMT B School through various program trying to inculcate above habits in all our stake holders.IIMT b school is one of the best MBA Institute in DELHI/NCR.

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