According to Lindsay kolowich we can segregate persons in two categories at work place. First type of people are more organized, competitive and ambitious and because of more competitive in nature they are little impatient .
    Other type of employees are creative, more understanding and little messy in nature. According to Lindsay there are two type of personality at work place , We can named them as A type of personality and B type of personality.
   Top engineering colleges in UP provides personality development classes to students. According to American psychological Association type A people have complex pattern of behavior , They laid emphasis on completion of work . They are aggressive in nature and little impatient to achieve their goals. Type B people are of different from A type of people . They are less competitive and less aggressive in nature. They have easy going nature.

   We have to identify that which type of person we are at workplace. You can find yourself little A type of personality and little B type of Personality. There is a test named as Disc is s used to access the type personality of a person based on four behavior characteristics.
1. Dominance
2. Influence
3. Steadiness
4. Conscientiousness
Steadiness – If a person gets high scores in steadiness shows that particular person empathetic and friendly in nature. This person put a lot of efforts on being liked and try to avoid risk.

Conscientiousness – A person who scores more in Conscientiousness that person tend to be a “data driven problem solver “ , they want to be perfect and correct at work place. They uses words less and try to communicate in non verbal manner.

Dominance: The person who scores more in dominance they try to be dominant, they put more emphasis on their own decision. Influence: Someone who scores high in influence tends to be spontaneous in nature, they are less focused and optimistic.

Personality type may be A type or B type or mix of A and B. Every type of personality is good but goals are different of each people. Each people have different priorities. For some to be liked by everyone matters a lot but for someone to be highly ambitious is main motto of life.
Delhi NCR engineering colleges train their students to enhance their personality and
groomed for future corporate life.


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