The need of the hour has been  focused and shifted to Data Science being the ever evolving industry at the current scenario. Being the interdisciplinary field that uses the scientific methods, processes and algorithms to develop the simple task for all the complex visualities and arenas.

Commonly known as “21st century oil”, our digital data is extremely important in the field. They have unparalleled benefits in business, research and in our daily lives. Your way of working, your latest Google search for the nearest cafe, your Instagram post of what you ate and even your fitness tracker’s health data are all important to different data scientists in different ways.

Data science searches for huge amounts of data, searches for connections and patterns and is responsible for bringing new results, providing positive ideas and simplifying our lives.

NBA accredited college, IIMT COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING, penetrated and deep dived its students and faculties into the latest technology trend by conducting various sessions and enhancing upon the knowledge.

Data science encompasses a wide range of disciplines and areas of expertise to produce a holistic, in-depth and sophisticated view of raw data. Data scientists must be competent in everything from data engineering, math, statistics, advanced computers, and visualizations to effectively search confusing masses of information and communicate only the most essential pieces that will help drive innovation and efficiency.

Recommendation techniques has been trending all across the globe, Data Science being blended with B.Tech Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has been progressively enhanced the corporate, educationalist world in the advancements of technology.

With the advents of data science, the expectation from Data Scientist have expectedly increased as the communication channels have become progressively diversified. The pre requisite skills is to develop oneself in the coding, statistics and algorithm development, where UPSEE engineering colleges in Greater Noida have been effectively enhancing the students with the learning of Python Language as it is the most required programming language and one of the prior skill an engineer should develop.

The era of coding has been changes, where there was time where thousand lines of codes were developed, now with the development of Python language the same coding has been reduced to mere six-ten lines. Yes this is the time to focus and shit the progression in these coding developments.

There are huge volumes of data being processed, these data are communicated in seconds to various platform in one go. The visualization and the automation in the system techniques has advanced itself progressively. 

Be it the field of self-driving cars, health care, logistics, entertainment and Cybersecurity, Data Science is the field to go for.

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