Innovative Education at IIMT

IIMT College of Engineering is showing its beautiful academic face proudly to attract the inquisitive young minds to fulfil their dreams of becoming a successful engineering graduate. IIMT has got a shining face not by only applying the latest management gloss. It has not created a fetish of ranking in NCR  as a ritual only. Actually IIMT college of Engineering has rewritten the contract between the engineering education and the striving middle class Indian society. It has rewritten the solidarity between faculty and students. It has believed in age old guru-shishya tradition. It is the place where democratic imagination has been actualized. Here legends are built and values are transmitted through teaching. Here is taught that excellence is nothing but the mixture of integrity and creativity. Here the fine-tuning of even erratic genius is done cautiously. That Knowledge is really a gift, and it could only be received gratefully.   


It’s a pleasure to share with you all that B.Tech Artificial Intelligence Engineering is the new shining feather in the cap of IIMT College of Engineering. You all know post COVIT 19, Artificial Intelligence Course is going to be a hot cake worldwide. Nobody can deny that Machine Learning & AI Courses are the need of the day. Few colleges could boast of such courses in Delhi NCR. And IIMT college of Engineering is one of them. Currently in  AKTU admission (Registration), 2020, this course is getting the highest strike. Now B. Tech. in Artificial Intelligence will be  the passport to corporate world.  AI Engineering offers the potential for significant opportunities  for industry, governments as well as society. AI technology could be used within several other sectors for enhancing both efficiency and effectiveness.

It’s a matter of pride that IIMT College of Engineering is now NBA accredited college. NIRF rank wise this college is one among the best engineering colleges in UP. Admission in B. Tech. courses has attracted students from all over India.

It is one among top private engineering colleges in India. Computer Science Engineering of IIMT has had been considered the best in this locality. Its NIRF ranking is 55th. It’s a NAAC accreditated college also. It has always maintained its position among AKTU top ten engineering college in Delhi NCR.

The intellectual efforts of faculty members here recharge the new imaginative students.  Here education is not a commodity and the teacher-student relationship is not that of arid clientelism.


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