Emerging technologies such as Industrial Robotics, Robot Process Automation, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence Engineering, naming a few have emerged as the latest technology advancements. These technologies are broad in their scope and significant in their ability to perform varied tasks in nano-seconds.

There are automated algorithms that have replaced human transactions. We see it at fairs, where high frequency trade in machines has replaced human decision making. People send buy and sell orders and computers instantly pair them without human intervention. This is the explanation for computerized algorithm being developed.

Another latest trend being the world of Artificial Intelligence which refers to machines responding to simulation, giving the capacity to judge, manipulate and give the feedback at its own pace. This is the trend to go for as IIMT COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING, took peer action and developed and opened a new branch B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence and will be adopting its students in the world of the latest trend.

The world is evolving and changing rapidly, so does the progression of technology. Take for example the progression of data wrangling, it is the system that includes the skills to develop the building system which includes the finding, cleaning and developing the creation and maintenance of coding and algorithm development and other statistical engines. The persons with these advancements build in the streamline projects with the multiple projects assigned at the same time to look for opportunities and develop the single data for multiple input variance and communicating the same to varied channels at the same time.

Critical Thinking and context setting in these advancements being the core skill to develop itself in the technology progression. Keeping in pace with the Data Science, Robot Process Automation, this is yet another recent development in the field of Engineering, in this the repeated processes work which is cumbersome and even tiresome for humans are now being processed and developed by Robots in short sense Bots. This advancements has taken a deep progression in this field as most of the corporate are now developing their own Bots to do these huge repetitive work efficiently and zero-error.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence may not be the new concept but it has progressively developed and incremented itself in the recent methodologies of work system. Making your machine to think, develop, and act on its own, is the recent development in the advancement in the technology.

 The world is changing and with the fast pace, the advancements in technology are also adopting and changing. One needs to be naive enough to grasp and facilitate these trends.


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