Employment Guide to B Pharm

Introduction: What is the pharmacy?

Pharmacy is explained as the part of science that pacts with the preparation, doses, dispensing, and consequences of remedies. After completing the 4yrs pharmacy course, the graduate gets a professional name as pharmacist and is eligible for a license by the respective pharmacy councils of different states. Pharmacy is one of the most popular careers to pursue PCB or PCM students after class 12th class.

The Subjects that we study in Pharmaceutical Sciences whole course are:

Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Medicinal Chemistry.

 Pharmaceutics:  which deals with formulation, drug delivery, drug stability, dosage forms, patient acceptance.

Pharmacology: the study of drugs about effects on the human body and biological systems – a mixture of biology, physiology, and chemistry; covers both basic, advanced, and clinical pharmacology.

Pharmacognosy: the medicinal drugs study derived from plants; deals with botany, plant science, and phytochemistry

Biochemistry: the study of biological reactions within living organisms

Microbiology: the study of micro-organisms like bacteria, viruses, protozoa.

Pharmaceutical Engineering & Technology:  which deals with basic concepts of Chemical Engineering –

e.g., Fluid Dynamics, Process Chemistry, and Industrial Processes.

Career Scopes after Pharma Course:

  1. Go abroad:  B. Pharm is one of the best degree course to get a job abroad. Pharmacy aspirants can even give exams such as TOEFL, GRE, IELTS, and on qualifying go to other countries provided the relevant eligibility criterion is fulfilled.
  2. Clinical Research Associate CRO.: After a degree course, one can work as a medical underwriter, clinical research associate, CRO, and data validation associate.
  3. R&D Scientist: R and D is the most consistent area to work with after B. Pharm even through one can achieve higher education along with it. The pharma industry mostly thrives on the R&D division. Research is essential to develop the new medicine and evaluate the efficacy and safety of new medicines for human consumption.
  4. Quality Control Associate: Once the B Pharma degree is in hand, the area of Quality control can be taken. The job role comprises developing, applying, revising, and maintaining quality standards in the process of making a formulation.
  5. Formulation Development (F&D) Associate: F D Associates develop new and more effective formulations like tablets, capsules, syrups, ointments, lotions is as crucial as finding a new drug molecule.
  6. Drug Inspector: As a drug inspector, monitoring the utility, safety, and quality of a drug from the time of its manufacturing to the time it is dispatched to the retail shop
  7. Scientific Writer: As a scientific writer, researching, writing, and editing scientific news, features, and articles in a clear, concise, and accurate manner. New research articles, reviews are also written by a scientific writer.
  8. Sales & Marketing Executive: The sales and marketing job function absorbs the maximum number of pharmacy graduates. The number of jobs available in the sales function is plenty. The salary structure is also decent. More importantly, on good performances, the incentives are lucrative. The job is challenging, of course, but rewarding as well.
  9. Community pharmacist: As a community pharmacist, there is direct customer contact while giving them advice and information about their general health.  Selling OTC and prescription medicines to patients and inform them about the use and dosage.
  10. Higher studies: B. Pharmacy degree holders can also get employed in the private or government sector as pharmacists, drug inspectors, medical underwriters, or even open a drugstore. After completion of B. Pharm, one can also go for Higher Education- M. Pharmacy, Pharm. D.


With a range of lucrative Pharmacy career options and so many career paths to choose from, your one step in the right decision would change your life forever. So, to begin with, choose the best placement institute for your B. Pharma admission.  For B. pharma college in Greater Noida and the best Pharma college in U.P IIMT college of pharmacy, Greater Noida is the best choice where education with practical knowledge and placements are taken into consideration.


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