How to Choose an Engineering College

Choosing a right Engineering College is a very big decision of a student after the completion of his schooling. For family also it is a big time.If we are fail to decide the best college, after the completion of engineering, may face lot of hurdles afterwards. Here is some guidelines through which you can easily choose the best engineering college of your choice.

For selecting a right engineering college:

  1. Choose engineering branch: Before choosing your branch be clear with the engineering branch where you want to go. This is a very important decision of your careers.   Next is your branch for which you want to do your engineering. This will lead to you a different from other students. Criteria should be your best engineering college. First you try for IITs, NITs also. Next option should be your best private engineering colleges in India.
  2. Choice of criteria: What kind of college you are looking for. Few basic points that you should note down are courses offered, reputation, accreditation, campus facilities and infrastructure such as (computer access, libraries, lab, etc.), cost, class size, faculties, private or government and placement.
  • Facilities: The College should provide the best facility to the students in all aspects. Some of the necessary facilities like computer labs, medical facility, loan and scholarship, library, accommodation inside the campus.
  • Stateof-the-art Infrastructure: During your 4 years of engineering journey, what kind of infrastructure you are getting. This will build you from all sides.
  • Faculty: Another is the best faculty, which is very important for any student. The faculty members are well-trained in the particular subjects; hence, experienced and qualified trainers are essential. Engineering faculties have to have a PhD with the best teaching knowledge and technically sound.
  • Accreditation: it is another parameter for Quality education, campus placements or entrepreneurship and scholarships or financial aid opportunities are some of the focused points of accreditation. The National Board of Accreditation (NBAand the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) are the accreditation bodies that assess and evaluate technical institution, programmes and higher education in the country.
  • Campus Placement: Placement is also a big factor and criteria to choose engineering colleges. Because after engineering, what is the next option for a student that should be very clear to everyone. He has to get some platform, where he can proof him for the best.
  • Location choice: Location is also matters. Because external exposure is groom you from outer side also. What is happing in the real world, which you should know during your engineering education? Than only you improve yourself. Delhi-NCR is also a best choice for doing engineering.

3. College Ranking: It is also a parameter to choose a best college. For best private engineering college, go for best NIRF ranking 2020 list, then go for branches you like according to your interest and your ranking.


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