IIMT College of Law : Best Law College in Delhi NCR

IIMT College of Law in Delhi NCR is a platform which provides great career opportunities to the students who wish to make a career in law so that they can take the best of the decision in life. Various law Colleges in Greater Noida can be found in Delhi NCR, but to the best law college in Delhi NCR to choose time becomes crucial for the students since it is not a mere course but a journey in itself where a person’s present and future is moulded.

What the students must look for in a law college in Greater Noida as aspiring lawyers included the following attributes –

  • Financially promising
  • Intellectually wholesome and challenging
  • Diverse practise areas
  • Utilitarianism

IIMT Law College in Greater Noida gives a lot of motivation to legal research and scholarship. By the time a student completes the 3-year programme, he/she becomes fully equipped with the required theoretical knowledge and practical exposure of law practices to become a full-fledged responsible member of the legal profession.

 IIMT College of Law, one of the best law colleges in Delhi NCR provides opportunities of internship to students at top-notch corporates, law firms, with senior advocates, etc. so that the students leave no stone unturned to sharpen their legal skills by having recourse to the practical world where the learnt knowledge of law in college needs to be applied for the good of the society.

IIMT College of Law, a law college in Greater Noida, rightfully is acclaimed as one of the best Law College in Delhi NCR for it successfully fathoms the need and utility of providing the right legal education using methods like lectures, moot court, case study, paper presentation, depending upon the topic. IIMT College of Law, Greater Noida- a subsidiary institution operative under aegis of IIMT Group of Colleges, Greater Noida – was established in 2014 and is recognized by CCS University Meerut and also approved by UGC and Bar Council of India. IIMT College of Law is offering BA.LL.B and LL.B. courses with an objective of academic excellence, upholding and maintaining the ethical values under the umbrella of Association of Management Studies.

The BA.LL.B Programme is a five year course. Each academic year is divided into two semesters. The odd semester starts from July that ends in December and the even semester starts from February to June. It is enriching knowledge, skills, attitudes and self-beliefs, so as to enable students to be successful in their future endeavour. IIMT College of Law, Greater Noida has a long list of its transcendentally structured and updates Legal Education and training modules especially designed to prepare learners to have swift access into profession and establish their own startups as well through Moot Courts, National Seminars, Debates, and Conferences etc. IIMT College of Law is all set to mark lead in legal education scenario in India. Admission to this BA LLB and LLB College in Greater Noida in the Integrated program is made on merit basis & personal interview of the student.


3 thoughts on “IIMT College of Law : Best Law College in Delhi NCR

  1. Verily IIMT group of institutes are reknowned all over Delhi NCR region for the facilities offer to its learners . IIMT strives to build an individual who has a balanced outlook and is very competent professionally. It is especially true for IIMT College of Law,Greater Noidanot only with respect to the facultiies working there but also the pedagogy .


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